I am having mucus discharge, but my water hasn't broke?

I have had a cold, for about two weeks, I am currently about 36 weeks pregnant. Everytime I cough really good, I go to the bathroom, and have just a little mucus discharge. When I went to the dr. earlier this week they said my fluid was down a little but not enough to worry, I didn't think about the little mucus at that time. BUt after being home, and it still happening, I was wondering if you could discharge a little of your mucus plug at a time, which would cause a small leak and explain my fluids being low. And if it is, then should I call the Dr. or is it ok, to let it go, until my body goes into labor??

t happened to me too. A little came out at a time when I went to the bathroom and started when I was just about 36 weeks. My water then broke when I was 37 weeks to the day. I wouldn't worry about it, you can discharge a little at a time. And I have to say this to cover myself, always call the doctor if you are not sure, you are getting close now and it could happen any time!! Congrats!
I'm not a doctor obviously but what I've heard is that when you lose your mucus plug it means the baby's coming! So I'd defiantly go see your doctor!!
if i was you i would call the doctor and tell him whats happen and see what he has to say
Ive heard some people say they lost theirs a little at a time..but you should probably call your dr. just to be sure..plus it will help you relax and all.
Your fluids peak at 35 weeks, having them be down a little at 36 weeks is common and nothing to worry about, regardless of your cold or mucus discharge or anything. When the baby drops lower he/she puts pressure onto your cervix, this can cause additional mucus and help break up your cervical plug. You don't need to call your doctor, you already spoke to him and he said all was fine. Just wait until you're 39 weeks pregnant and see all the messy stuff your baby makes your lovely girly parts produce... hehe
With 2 of my pregnancies I lost my mucus plug about 3 days before delivering. Now with my last, I lost it a bit at a time and I didn't deliver for a week. Remember though, that your discharge will get thicker towards the end of your pregnancy. The mucus plug is a brownish color. Kinda the color of coffee mixed with a yellow substance. If it is clear or yellow, then it is not your mucus plug.
well i have had 4 kids and each one i never lost my mucus plug all at once it was pretty much like your describing..the water loss im noe 100% sure of but its possilbe u have a small leak which can happen...if u still are concerned or unsure call the Dr. office a nurse will tell you whether or not u need to be checked out
Discharge at the end of your pregnancy is totally normal- and often a reason women find themselves rushing into labor and delivery. You can call and ask your doctor for a "fern" test. They can test to see if this discharge is actual amniotic fluid by analyzing it under a microscope fairly quickly. A ferning pattern will appear if it IS actual amniotic fluid.
Some women can lose their mucus plug at 36 weeks and still not deliver for another 3 weeks. When you lose your mucus plug, you'll have what looks like a "bloody show"- that usually means labor is approaching, but again can be 2-3 weeks away. Some women don't even lose their mucus plugs until after they go into labor. It is different for every woman.
Good luck, and congrats on your pregnancy!
Your plug can come out in pieces, my first one did. But I ended up losing it fully while in the bath, I lost mine at 34 weeks with both kids and will both of my children my water never broke in fact with my daughter she was crowning and my water had not broke, the Dr. had to break it both times. I would ask the Dr. maybe if you have become more worried about the fluids. Other wise if you are not too worried then I would just let nature take its course and you could be in labor soon, watch for those contractions and GOOD LUCK
Nothing says your mucus plug will fall out in one "chunk", for lack of a better term.

ou aren't having contractions, I wouldn't worry about it too much. And at 36 weeks, you should be seeing your OB weekly by now. So I'd ask at your next appointment.
most women have natural discharge when they fall pregnant at some point and have it for the rest of there lives i had it when i fell preg now i get it wen im about to come on every month it might be that just ask your doc to be on safe side tho is it like jelly clear maybe slitly white but mainly clear
with my second daughter i experienced the same thing. I was losing fluid all day before my water broke. i went to doctors that day and he told me he was going to induce me the next day. i went for a walk later and a couple hours later my water broke. going for a walk might just help bring the baby along. That's what i did and later that night i had my baby. i do suggest going to the doctors you will feel better knowing you and the baby are ok. Good luck congrats
It is possible to lose your mucous plug in pieces, but this doesn't mean you will go into labor soon. Your body can lose mucous plugs and develop new ones up until you deliver. You should report this to your doctor though just in case.
My dr. told me that after you lose you mucus plug it can take up to 2 weeks to go into labor. If you are really concerned though call the dr. you can never be to safe.
You can loose a bit of your plug at a time - I noticed it happening to me where every time I peed, I would see a white flakey piece of mucous in the basin. I thought nothing of it until I lost my 'real' plug at 36 weeks. The acutal plug looked like a cotton ball, with a small spot of blood on one side. At least seeing the plug explained what I'd been seeing for weeks building up to that.

Your fluid is leaking when your panties are constantly wet - and I mean constantly. I wondered if what I was experiencing was leaking fluid but the doctors and nurses told me that it wasn't a real leak if I didn't need to change my undies.

As far as losing a bit of your plug at a time contributing to low fluid, I don't know anything about. In my experience though, losing flakes of the plug over time didn't lead to me losing any fluid - I had weekly sonograms towards the end of my pregnancy

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