Is it possible for vasectomies to come undone without surgery?

Can I get pregnant if I do not use protection?
Answers:   I have TWO post-vasectomy children... and NO, I have never cheated on my husband. So, yes, yes, yes, it can happen.
It depends. If it's a recent one no. They laser it so there is no way of any accidents. In the olden days they didn't laser so it was easier but still more reliable than a tube tie!
they do a routine follow up test a few weeks after the surgery to make sure it was successful. After that, it is possible but extremely rare for vascectomy to reverse on it's own (even the reversal surgery isn't always successful)
No, you should not get pregnant. Now days they are very reliable. I do know that you are supposed to wait about one month after the procedure before you have unprotected sex though. I don't know why, but they don't take effect right away! Good Luck! :)
The simple answer is that medical surgery is not a perfect science. Anything can come undone. The odds of You becoming pregnant are astronomical but then too were the odds that You would be the fastest swimming sperm. When in doubt ...!

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