Regular temp is elevated to 99.3 sigh of pregnancy?

Ok, so I havn't been doing my bbt for that long so it is hard for me to tell if that is normal or not I have ranged in the high 97 to mid 98's however I am on day 41 of my cycle and no period I have take three test all (-) except i am extremely tired and very emotional niagra falls like. I was on the phone with my mom and she just said go take your regular temp to see if you have one. It was 99.3 I have not run a temp since I had the flue damn near 10yrs ago this is not normal for me. Frustraded and crying don't know what is up. I want this if that is what it is and if its not please just stop the insanity already its killing me and I think my husband thinks I am crazy. Did anyone run a regular temp with there pregnancy any similar experiences would be helpful now?
Answers:   I have a normal body temperature of 99.3, 98.6 is an average. Your body temperature is controlled somewhat by your metabolism. The faster your metabolism the higher your body temperature. Stress can also speed up your metabolism. If you are having irregular period cycles you need to see a doctor. I do not think you are pregnant but you need to see a doctor to find out if it might be something else. A lot of things can cause irregular periods including obesity and stress just to name a few. Get a grip, calm down, and do not worry about what you can not control. Do not dig for symptoms to convince yourself you are pregnant and that's why things are crazy in your life.
When I was charting BBT and I got pregnant my BBT stayed high rather than dropping back down to start a new cycle. But I never tried taking my regular temperature. Maybe the best thing is to wait until tomorrow morning and see what it is.
try an ovulation kit good luck
When you do the BBT, you have to take it at the same time every morning before you move/get out of bed. Taking it any other time would have nothing to do with BBT. It could all be mental and/or PMS.
I am 24 weeks preg and have maintained my regular temperature range of 96.7- 98.1
It's possible that you are pregnant, but it's too early for the test to tell that you are. Or you could be sick.
a temp of 99.3 doesn't mean your pregnant. is it a digital therm. or the old fashion ones? a digital only measures skin temp. also you might not have a period because of the stress.
You must take your temps at the same time every day upon waking up in the morning after getting more than three straight hours of sleep. If you don't do this then your temps will be way off. I wouldn't read too much into it, I mean there is a good chance that you could be pregnant. But if you haven't been taking your temps at the same time every morning then I would pretty much discard the temps you have recorded because they are not going to be able to tell you much. Your period could be late because you are stressing about it, is it going to come, or is it not going to come, am I pregnant, or am I not pregnant. Worrying will delay your period. Wait a few more days and then test again if it is still negative then go see your doc. If you have been taking your temps at the same time every day then wait until you have had 18 straight days of temps above cover line that is usually a good indicator of pregnancy.. GOOD LUCK TO YOU HUN
you need to relax and go to the doctor they will do a blood test for you. i completely understand what you are going through. my fiancee and i are ttc and have been for a year and we havent had any luck yet. so email me if you wanna talk- i love talking to people who are going through the same thing as i am- it really helps. good luck and god bless

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