2 cm dialated and 80% effaced - how long till delivery?

Any guesses? Experience? I have an incompetent cervix and have gone from 1 cm to 2 in a week, and no clue what to expect next. I will be 35 weeks on Saturday and my ob says my baby will be in good shape if she comes early. I am still on bedrest and trying to make it as far as I can - I am in no hurry!
Answers:   Well, I began dilating at 33 weeks.I was still induced nearly a week after my due date! So, it could be tomorrow of it could be a week past your due date lol! If you want to wait as long as you can (HURRAY for you and thinking about how it's best for baby and not complaining about how horrible it is for you, awesome job!!) then rest and stay hydrated! Stay away from sex, warm showers/baths, stress and walking a lot which can all bring on labor. Snuggle up witha good book, movie or whatever and relax.trust me.it's the last time that will happen anyways! GOOD LUCK!!
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No one can tell you exactly when but you can be sure it isnt much longer. Maybe a couple of weeks. Are you feeling like it is time? Is the baby lightening?
well ill tell you a story. i started having false labour at week 36 by week 38 i was already 95%effaced and 3 cm dialated. went over 40 hours of false labour and i went into labour on my own at exactly week 41. so you could go into labour soon or could still alittle more than a month away
I was 3 cm dilated for 2 weeks. I ended up being induced.
With my first I was 2 cm dialated and 50 % effaced at 35 weeks. I continued working and delivered at 38 weeks. With my second baby I was the same at 35 weeks and delivered at 37 weeks. So, it varies, but I would definitlly say you won't go the 5 more weeks till your due date!
i'm guessing that the doctor has not stripped your membranes yet so it could be a while yet. i was 2 cm dialated and 41 weeks along when my doc stripped mine and he was born within 24 hours. but as long as you stay in bed and take care of yourself you might be able to go another week or two. just be a bit more aware of what's going on in your underpants. when your water breaks, it's not a big gush like on TV and in the movies. it'll feel more like you're going to the bathroom in little bits at a time and it'll be clear and smell almost sweet and no matter how much you try to hold it in, it will keep coming out. good luck and congrats!!
There is no way to tell. Cervical checks are really pretty useless information, for the most part. Honestly, unless you are in active labor, how far dilated and effaced you are means NOTHING. You can walk around for a week or more 100% effaced and 3-4 cm dilated. (I did with my first.) Or you can be closed up tight as a bank vault and have a baby a few hours later. Cervical checks are just another way that docs try to "manage" women's pregnancies and labors. Many midwives don't even do cervical checks until mom is in active labor. (And some NEVER do them, even in labor!) Just relax and try to take it easy and keep that baby in as long as possible. At least 37 weeks!

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